6th Fortnight

Alright fortnight 6, the total revenue was $837.95. That’s $28.25 up from last fortnight. Still headed in the right direction very slowly.
Insurance was forgotten and costs $30/fortnight so it will be double ($60/fortnight) for the next 3 months until it’s back to where it should be. Eftpos rental and card fees were also forgotten so next fortnight they will start being back payed too. Still making mistakes but as long as it’s a different mistake every time that’s ok.

Fifth Fortnightly Finance

The fifth fortnightly finance is here. Finally the revenue and costs are the same at $809.70, down slightly from last fortnight as expected (due to the event) but up $167.7 from two fortnights ago.
New items include: caramel syrup, chai powder, a tea collection, pastry cookies and date and coconut rolls. You read that right, tea is $1 and the food options are even less.
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Fortnight Four Financials

The fourth fortnight results are in! The revenue was $880.15 and costs were $625.17 which brings the total difference to +$148.72! This difference was added to the wage cost in the stacked bar graph for this fortnight.

Revenue went up dramatically because there was an event today. Unless sales skyrocket, next fortnight should be slightly less than this one. Also cookies were unfortunately not selling so they were removed this fortnight, new cookies are coming soon.

Fortnight Three Results

Finally the results for fortnight 3 are in! The total revenue was $642 and total costs were $618.95 which leaves the total loss since opening at $106.26. It’s still headed in the right direction but it’s in need of a push to get there faster. At the moment the wages are well below what they should be for this idea to work. So if you’d like to help please share this page and come buy some delicious coffee.